Can Gaming Improve Brain Health In Seniors?

Video games – they’re not just for teenagers and millennials anymore. It seems that seniors have been getting in on the fun in the last few years. Despite the ever-present stigma that older adults don’t understand technology, the market stats point otherwise. These people are going hard and having the time of their life, late |Read More|

Helping A Loved One Transition Into A Long-Term Care Facility

Is it time for someone you love to move into a long-term care facility? If so, you’re not alone: More than six million American adults need long-term care, and that number is steadily increasing. Estimates suggest that as many as 15 million people will require long-term care in the next 30 years. This transition can |Read More|

10 Ways the VerifyCare App Eases the Stresses of Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s

You are a strong caregiver, but even the strongest can be overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that come with caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. The VerifyCare app is the all-inclusive support tool you need to help ease the stresses of caregiving, organize your duties, and keep family and friends informed. Below are 10 ways the VerifyCare app helps manage the care needs of your loved one (LO) with Alzheimer’s and takes some weight off your shoulders.

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