Senior Home Care For Alzheimer’s Care Options

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, the patients ultimately need proper care and effective treatment according to their medical condition and stages of diseases. Creating an Alzheimer’s care plan requires proper diagnosis, if you or anyone from your family are suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia problems then Senior Home Care Specialists can help you to take care |Read More|

Have You Seen The Brand New 2020 Caregiver’s Manual?

Let’s face it, being a caregiver is hard. There were days when I just wanted to throw up my hands and quit, but you can’t quit when you’re taking care of a loved one, can you? There’s so much you have to do and remember and also so much you have to remember not to |Read More|

A Guide to Senior Health and Homecare During Coronavirus

While the coronavirus outbreak has been a scary time for people throughout the world, the risk of infection and complications posed for seniors leads to a lot more questions than answers. Common questions include; How are those with mobility issues or compromised immune systems supposed to get what they need? What’s the best way to |Read More|

Best Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown

Due to the massive ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of us had to make significant changes to our daily routines. People over 70 years old have been told to quarantine themselves as they are more susceptible to the infection. The epidemic of coronavirus obliges us all to remain at home, work, and study. The aged |Read More|

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