Retirement Planning When You’re 50 or Older

We all dream of it — the day we’ll finally be able to step out of the office building (hopefully forever) and have the time and freedom to do whatever we want to do. Friends will throw retirement parties and celebrate this huge milestone, but when they ask what you’re going to do with your |Read More|

What Is the Resale Value of a Used Hospital Bed?

Home hospital beds are typically well-built, long-lasting pieces of medical equipment. If they are properly maintained, they have a useful lifespan of many years. While you or your loved one may no longer need their adjustable bed, there is almost certainly someone else who would be happy to have it.  In this article, we look |Read More|

How To Talk To Your Parents About An Live-In Caregiver

It’s no secret that as we age, we have less energy and need extra help here and there. But when you live with Dementia, the level of care needed can quickly increase, especially in the latter stages of a diagnosis. Dementia is ever prevalent in the UK as close to one million people live with |Read More|

Best Part-Time Jobs for Older Adults in Retirement

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income, have a creative itch to scratch, or just have more time on your hands than you expected in retirement, there are plenty of flexible, part-time jobs you can consider in this stage of life. Retirement doesn’t have to mean long days on the golf course—especially if you’d find |Read More|

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