Unique Smartphone Apps for Seniors and Caregivers

Thanks to common stereotypes, many people are surprised to learn that a good chunk of seniors — 42% — own smartphones or that 58% of seniors believe that technology has a “mostly positive” effect on society, according to the Pew Research Center.  Not surprisingly, there are a wide variety of smartphone apps designed for seniors: |Read More|

Help Against Nursing Home Abuse: Things You Should Know

Seniors and their families put a great deal of trust in nursing homes. Many of them believe that the decision to spend old age in these facilities would allow the elderly to receive proper care and attention as they live through the final phases of their life. This very reason is why it’s so heartbreaking |Read More|

Home Remodeling and Protection For The Eldery

Whether you are a caregiver for the elderly or the child of an aging parent, there comes a time where seniors home needs change. And unfortunately, this means that their home may no longer be suited for them. While assisted living facilities and nursing homes are great options for seniors, it’s not always the most |Read More|

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