MEMORIAL DAY- A STORY WORTH REPEATING…. I posted this story last year on Memorial Day, but it is such an important one I decided to make it a tradition this year! I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend. I am spending the day with my family and hope you are doing the same! See you |Read More|

How Dogs Can Help Fight Alzheimer’s

Small, big, curly, puffy… dogs are a great source of joy, happiness, but also a responsibility and concern for their owners. Many things in life are questionable, but one is not – a dog is a true man’s best friend.  Indeed, dogs make us better humans, and without these little fluffy creatures, the world would |Read More|

Making Home a Safe Haven for Seniors

Whether out of choice or because of circumstances, many seniors already live alone. According to the Institute on Aging, nearly 12 million, or one-third of the over-65 population live alone. Half of the women over 75 live by themselves and 87% of Americans over 65 wish to age in place.  If this describes you or |Read More|

How to know it’s time to consider Memory Care?

Brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc. are progressive conditions. In these diseases, the patient’s health tends to deteriorate with time. Such patients need lots of care and attention. In the early stages of Dementia or other related disorders, patients might be able to live independently. In advanced stages of Dementia or Alzheimer’s, the patient might |Read More|

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