How Caregivers Can Help Protect The Rights Of Dementia Patients

As a caregiver, one of your most important tasks is helping protect the rights of those you care for. This is incredibly important for caregivers who work with dementia patients, as the patient may not have the ability to advocate for themselves. Dementia patients are at an increased risk of elder abuse and exploitation due |Read More|

Tips on Proper Nutrition for Aging Adults

  As people get older, the likelihood of having a medical health issue increases. From physical degradation like genetic pattern hair loss to cardiovascular issues, the body can become afflicted by various conditions as the body ages. What you put in your body has a serious effect on your overall health, from the state of |Read More|

A Senior’s Guide to Looking & Feeling Young

Everyone gets older, but we almost all feel uneasy about the process. As we get older, there is a desire to maintain our physical youth—to look and feel decades younger than we actually are. While concerns about aging might arise, from progressive hair loss to the arrival of joint pains, there are ways in which |Read More|